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New Site Development Updates

Postby Zayin » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:33 pm

New Site Development Updates - January 31st, 2018

Hey everyone! I'm going to go ahead and provide some details about where I'm at with our new site development.

I've largely been setting up the foundations of the new site and planning its architecture. There were a few fundamental challenges that had to be overcome as part of the redesign, but I think I've been able to address those. So far I've been able to do a lot of database restructuring and fine-tuning, as well as setting up user logins and building half of the Homestead. Momentum has been building, so hopefully I'll have more tangible stuff to show next month.

The most tangible thing I can show you is the Homestead. It should go without saying, but these screenshots reflect a work in progress, and I have spent very little time working on appearances.

Homestead Screenshot

Groups Management Screenshot

This may look pretty similar to the screenshot I shared before, but now it's functional!
The pets are now pulled from the database and group management is present. You can create, delete, and edit groups right from here without the need for a whole other page.

Here's what I'm using for the new Eldemore:

-Laravel framework for Eldemore (php)
-Vue.js and Bootstrap 4 on the front end
-Keeping phpBB forums (upgrading to latest version)

Eldemore is currently embedded into phpBB forums. I wanted to extract that out into its own application, which is really what this whole project is about. Basically like moving out from your parents' house, you have so much more room and freedom to do what you want. So the forums are going to live along side Eldemore instead of contain it, but phpBB has always handled things like logging in, user permissions, and stuff like that. So one of the fundamental challenges I had to overcome was integrating Eldemore's session handling with phpBB's. Otherwise, if you logged into Eldemore, you wouldn't be logged into the forums. You'd have two log in systems, which I'm sure you've seen on other sites before.

I believe I've solved this problem by extending Laravel's session handler, which apparently no one else has tried to do before; I could barely find any relevant information on how to do this. But through some mild hackery, I seem to have pulled it off. I may be able to modify phpBB's session handling later for a more elegant solution, but I really needed to get this problem solved before I could move on.

Now, I'm pretty comfortable in the Laravel/php environment... that's why I chose this stack. However, I still needed to upgrade and learn some new stuff. So in this project, I'm using Vue.js and Bootstrap 4 for the first time. I've been meaning to get into Vue for a while, because I know it will help me tremendously with front-end development. On the current site here, I just use a lot of jQuery, which in areas like Eldsona editing and trading can be a nightmare to deal with. I have to remember the id's for every single little thing and remember to update/change all the dynamic pieces of the screen. Vue will handle most of that for me, but it comes with a learning curve. Things have moved slower because of this new technology, but I think it will pay off big time once I get over the hump.

Other than all that, I had to go through and fix a bunch of inconsistencies in the database. Over the years, as my positions on database development have evolved, I've implemented things in different ways. Mixed data types, differing column naming conventions, and the like have been a nuisance. So part of my work load was fixing those little things and making them consistent across the board.

That's about all I got for now, I will post another update towards the end of February. Hopefully I'll have some more visuals and less text. I hope this gives you all some insight into Eldemore and hope for the future!

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