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Adopt a gerbil :) (5 available)

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:20 am
by Tierchen

Welcome to the gerbil shelter. I hope you will find a new gerbil friend for yourself :)

- important part -

most are for free; in some cases an adoption fee is required
you can get a gerbil listed as free for any WL/Hoard List pet or uncommon+ if you have no free adoption left
listed prices are in Eldemore pets, but if you wish to pay in baubles like any amount can get you any gerbil

- to adopt a gerbil fill up the form listed below
- send payment if required
- first come first serve
- THREE free gerbils per person (will increase)

It's ok to:
- use your gerbil on any (decent) site
- change size or background of your gerbil
- comment/ask questions in this thread/PMs
- give the gerbil back to me, if you no longer want it; give it to another user as a gift (they have to agree with it, and you have to let me know about it)
- rename the gerbil/change it's description - just let me know and I'll change it for you in the archive
- point out mistakes I made :D

It's NOT ok to:
- remove my sign
- break Eldemore rules and so on
- may add more later if some problem occurs; till then I'll believe you that you know how to behave :D

Code: Select all
[b]I want to adopt a gerbil![/b]
[b]Gerbil's number[/b]:
[b]Gender[/b]: (gender of your gerbil)
[b]Name[/b]: (name your gerbil)
[b]Something about them[/b]: (optional)

---------- 1 ----------
Image -> Image

---------- 2 ----------

---------- 3 ----------

---------- 4 ----------

Image upgrades:
You are free to aks me to redraw your "old-lined" gerbil!

- unimportant part -

Meet Salli, an orphaned gerbil who decided to stay in the shelter and help me take care of other gerbils and find them new homes. Unlike most of her species, Salli LOVES to meet newcomers, gerbils or people. She greets every customer with gentle lick.

Tierchen's Gerbil - Basic info:
Tierchen's Gerbil's latin name Meriones Tierchenus means "really cool little warrior" in English and refers to its very territorial behaviour. Its body length is usually around 18-26 (without tail).
Unlike other species of gerbil, Tierchen's Gerbil have four (4) digits on every paw (on both front and hind limbs).
Its wild color is called agouti or golden agouti:

In the wild:
This not-so-special kind of gerbil can be found all over the land of Eldemore. Its original habitat is steppes, where it lives in large underground burrows. Today we know gerbil subspecies that lives in hot deserts, deep forests, high in the mountains, near human dwellings and many more habitats. Some builds their dens underwater, some flying subspecies builts nest on inaccessible places.
What remains the same for most of the gerbil population is the group struction. Group of gerbils is called 'a family' and usually consist of about 10-20 gerbils. There's always one dominant pair (which is the only one to produce pups), their offspring of different ages and in some cases a few unrelated gerbils. Every member of gerbil family has its function set - build burrow, stand on the guard, help mother with the latest litter and more.

As a pet:
As said before gerbils are very territorial creatures, but this doesn't apply to their relation to people. They can be easily tamed by human and make a perfect small companion for travels. They are also strongly social and it's recommendet not to keep them alone.


One last thing - You probably noticed I'm not a native English speaker. I apologize for any mistakes.

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:21 am
by Tierchen

Gerbil 006 - NEW image (for FREE):
Image Image

Gerbil 010 lilac (for FREE):
Image Image

Gerbil 016 nutmeg (for FREE):
Image Image


All Hallows' Eve gerbils - if you want them, you'll have to write a short poem in their description:
And they count as free adoption! >:D
(It can be really short through.)

Gerbil 019 (for a poem)
Image Image

Gerbil 023 (for FREE):
Image Image

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:21 am
by Tierchen

name - numbers of their gerbils - free adoptions left

AngelTheWolf - 003, 015, 017 - 0x
AxelNightmare447 - 018 - 2x
ChocolateKittens - 021 - 2x
Hafanall - 001 - 2x
HalloweenTheHollowQueen - 002, 005, 013, 022 - 1x
hufflepuff. - 004, 007 - 1x
Maron - 011 - 3x
Nyakuni - 020, 024 - 2x
QuietBug - 014 - 2x
Scar - 012 - 2x
Tim Buktu - 009 - 2x
(me - 008)

xxx (big image) (small image) - gerbil's name ♀/♂
- something about them

(xxx = gerbil's three-digit number; xxx - paid gerbil)

1. Series - Opening
001 (big) (small) - Khasan
- Nimble, curious, popular, nice and obedient.
002 (big) (small) - Fiend ♂
- He's a devilish little guy.
003 (big) (small) - Luna
- She loves to be outside, especially under the stars.
004 (big) (small) - Samson
- A really fuzzy sweetheart, but he thinks he looks tough.
005 (big) (small) - Jupiter
- He has the attitude of a Roman god (and absolutely none of the power.)
006 (big) (small) - NO OWNER YET
007 (big) (small) - James
- This gerbil is freaking James Bond. After all, his number is 007.
008 (big) (small) - Salli
- She's very kind and gentle even to complete strangers.
009 (big) (small) - Yura

2. Series - Mongolian gerbil coat colors
010 (big) (small) - NO OWNER YET
011 (big) (small) - Splinter
- Very smart and observant. He is a little warrior but loves to cuddle.
012 (big) (small) - Orion
- Orion is careful and calculated, he observes from a safe distance and adapts swiftly to changes. Kind of reserved, he doesn't mingle nor gets along with others very well, if not having a bit of a temper that pushes them away. He does, however, enjoy the nighttime; his dark coat allows him to blend in safely with his surroundings while he watches the night sky, stargazing being one of his favorite hobbies.
013 (big) (small) - Meera
- She's tiny and adorable and knows it.
014 - (big) (small) - Quibble
- Quibble is a quiet gerbil that enjoys to play around and make friends.
015 - (big) (small) - Ginger
016 - (big) (small) - NO OWNER YET
017 - (big) (small) - Thunder
- He really likes to be outside running around, he also really likes the rain.

Special - birthday special
018 - (big) (small) - Itichi
- She likes cuddles and hides alot.

3. Series - Creepy snakes...
019 - (big) (small) - NO OWNER YET
020 - (big) (small) - Locke
"Prankster, troublemaker, Locke’s story
Is one of delightful trickery!
Charming her with his malicious glee
He snares the snake whose meal he would be.

She winds round him as he takes her heart,
No cruelty in his counterpart,
Just a living warning to impart:
The danger of this sweet creature’s art.

The burden this crafty rodent bears
Makes victims as often as she spares;
His tricks are her treats and both like scares,
So this unlikely friendship is theirs."

021 - (big) (small) - Raven
"Jack-o'-lanterns glow. .
Children ask for tricks and treats.
The gerbil is glad"

- Raven is a sweet gerbil. He always wants to help his friends. He and his pet snake, Amber, go everywhere together. His favorite holiday is Halloween, because there's candy everywhere that he can eat.
022 - (big) (small) - Wraith
"A gerbil appears
Hollow eyes see right through you
His serpent tail winks"

023 - (big) (small) - NO OWNER YET
024 - (big) (small) - Cooper
- Cooper is an old fellow, tough on the outside and sweetly soft on the inside. He's patient and quiet, treading lightly but never taken lightly.

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:21 am
by Tierchen
Reserving even more space xD

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:34 am
by Hafanall
I want to adopt a gerbil!
Username: Hafanall
Gerbil's number: 1
Gender: kluk
Name: Khasan
Something about them: čiperný, zvědavý, oblíbený, milý a poslušný :)

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:39 am
by Tierchen
Accepted, thank you for adoption :D
Here's link to your gerbil in small version.

(Přijato, díky, že jsi ho adoptovala :D
Tady je link k jeho malé verzi.)

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 11:48 am
by Ysera
I want to adopt a gerbil!
Username: Yarema
Gerbil's number: 9
Gender: female
Name: Yura
Something about them: /

thank you very much ♥

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 11:55 am
by Tierchen
He's yours! Thank you for adopting <3

And... thank you so much you putted him in your signature, it means a lot for me! :)

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 12:55 pm
by Tierchen
Accepted order-change for Yarema.

Re: Adopt a gerbil :)

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 2:23 pm
by hufflepuff.
I want to adopt a gerbil!
Username: hufflepuff.
Gerbil's number: 4
Gender: Male
Name: Samson
Something about them: A really fuzzy sweetheart, but he thinks he looks tough.