Search for One x One Role-Plays

Post forms specifically made for either 1x1's or private group role plays. Can include anything from animals, humans to fantasy based role plays. These can be based off of movies, books, or games.

Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Gem » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:18 am

Alright... I'm not great at these things, but here it goes!

I'd love to start a 1x1 RP here, much preferred that it not be based around Eldemore. Sorry... Newbie here and I haven't gotten round to checking out the lore yet. Also much preferred that it not be a fandom. That will lose my interest quickly. I'm not great at romance stuff, but I'm always open to giving it a try. That said, I can do either gender role, probably mxf pairing preferred here, but like I said, I'm open to others.

I can manage a decent paragraph, (I think) two if I'm lucky. I try to check on a couple times a day, provided that I'm not too busy. I am a mama to a growing 10 month old so my activity will be limited to when I'm at work or when my son his sleeping, otherwise my hands are full.

I'll be honest and say that I suck at plots, so I'm open to just about anything. I love fantasy type stuff too, so like werewolves, shape shifters, dragons, all that good stuff.

All that I ask from my partner is a good paragraph or more if they like. I'm honestly not gonna be picky, just please, don't give me one liners or make me initiate all of the interaction between characters. I'd like such things to be equal. And if you post once a day, that's fine by me. Every other day, also fine. Less than that? Just let me know. I'm flexible and will like wise let you know if I can't post or if I'm too busy to post.

I look forward to anyone looking to role play ^^.


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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Coyote » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:28 pm

Anyone down for a role play?

    Hey, everyone! This Coyote is in search of a possible role play partner or partners. I'm down for a one-on-one or a small private group role play. While I have a strong preference for animal role plays, I am willing and able to do a human or humanoid role play if the plot is interesting. Please send me a PM if you might be interested in having a written adventure with me!

Preferred Plots and Topics

Animals in General
Warrior Cats
Zoo Escape
Stray Dogs in a Zombie Apocalypse
Fantasy Animals
Dragons/Mythical Creatures
Anthro/Furry Animals
Eldemore Creatures
Romance <3
Some Fandoms
Fantasy Humans/Humanoids
Other Ideas


About Me

Experienced Writer
2-3 Paragraphs Average Minimum
Will Mirror Post Lengths
Daily Replies on Average
Can Provide Plot Ideas
Can Play Any Gender/Sexuality
Plays 1-3 Characters
Friendly and Willing to Chat OOC


About You

Any Experience Level
3 Sentences Minumum
3 Replies a Week Minimum
Plot Ideas Welcome, but Not Required
Any Number of Characters
OOC Chats Welcome, but Not Required




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doot doot doot

Postby caserotinous » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:15 pm

hi there! my name's cypris, cy for short
(or cas, if you wanna stick to usernames!).
i'll try to make this as short as possible!
(anything that's bolded is really important!)

what to expect from me;
- i tend to write longer posts, unless i'm reeeally uninspired
- i'm in the CET timezone, but i'm on quite often and if i'll be gone for a longer period of time, i'll make sure to let you know!
- i'm comfortable rping any gender, although i have 3 ocs which i would like to use (read more about them here!), but i'm definitely willing to create new ones if necessary for the purpose of the rp!
- i like to think that my grammar/spelling is usually on point, but we all make mistakes sometimes!
- i'm pretty open to new suggestions and sudden changes in the rp
- i try to be as friendly as possible, so feel free to talk to me outside of the rp as well!

what i expect from you;
- be as active as possible! (i'm really craving super active rps)
- if you won't be able to reply for a while, please let me know - i'll understand!
- write at least 2-3 sentences, although i would prefer more, since that, in turn, gives me more to work with
- you must be supportive of lgbt+
- your oc/s don't need to be super thought out and elaborate, but please don't make them perfect (no mary/gary sues!)

- if romance is involved, mxm OR fxm (with me playing the female character)
- ocs only!
- human/humanoid - no animal characters, unless a character can transform into one

what i'm interested in;
- nothing fandom-related (no tv shows, video games, anime etc.)
- fantasy (demons, angels, witches, humans with supernatural powers/abilities etc.)
- drama, drama, drama!
- romance-y stuff
- hs settings
- characters suddenly finding themselves in a strange place, surviving
- i honestly don't have many ideas, but i'm open to a lot of things and if you're interested and think we could work well together as rp partners, please PM and we'll figure out something! especially if you have some ideas of your own c:
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Magic Man » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:56 am

Hello! I'm Magic Man! Looking for an RP buddy!
I'd consider myself a semi-lit roleplayer, I mirror posts so my post length depends on yours but I prefer maybe 3 paragraphs at most
I'm on a lot of the time but depending on whats going on that day it varies but I'll try to post as much as I can. I have no problem with you reminding me of an RP if I haven't responded for a few days with no explanation. I think I'm pretty easy to talk too? lol. If you wanna ditch the rp, please tell me. I avoid doing one-liners but, again, it depends on the length of your post. I do MxF and MxM.

What Im interested in:
Monster Hunter Stories
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Kumoko » Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:53 am


Wow! First post in three years hahah

About Me & What You Can Expect
- You can call me Kumo!
- I use she/they pronouns!
- My timezone is JST but I'm online throughout the day. However I am doing online school so if I don't reply within a day or two, please be patient! I will let you know if I'll be gone for awhile.
- We can do this on Eldemore but I do prefer discord ^^
- I can usually manage 2-3 paragraphs on a good day, one on a bad, but I will do my best to mirror my partner
- I can roleplay any gender
- I only roleplay one main character at a time but I like using npcs

What I Would Like In A Partner
-Friendly ooc! Would love to share memes about the rp as well
- Please write at least one paragraph per post/message
- LGBT+ supportive
- Let me know if you'll be gone for some time
- Let me know if you're unhappy with the plot or wanna change/add something, I don't bite!

Plots I'm interested In/Characters I Can Play
- I don't mind doing anthro/feral if you don't feel like playing a human or humanoid
- Warrior cats, horse herd, wolves, honestly if the plot is good I'll do it
- magic and adventure! love fantasy related plots
- A highschool/college setting is good too
- Soulmates???
- I don't have much here because I'm open to a lot of ideas so if you have something in mind lmk! I don't really do fandom rps since I'm not in many fandoms
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